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Posted on Dec 27, 2010 in Careers, MBA Online Programs

Anyone in the Boston area who is interested in pursuing their MBA has many programs form which to choose. There is an abundance of MBA programs in Boston that will teach students in the areas of finance, accounting and economics all with an eye to providing greater career opportunities.

There are many factors to be considered when choosing the best program for you. Of course, cost is one very important factor, but there is also the matter of the length of the course and the location of the school.

Here a just a few of the choices of programs for you to consider applying to. I’ve included a brief overview of each so you will at least have some starting point for making your decision.

1. Harvard. The Harvard MBA program received a perfect score of 100 from U.S. News And World Report. The name Harvard has long been associated with only the very best business school programs and having an advanced degree from such a prestigious school will really help you excel in your career.

The curriculum is based on cases from non-profit, for profit as well as government organizations. Students will meet to go over the case before class. They will brainstorm to find various solutions for various problems. The first year curriculum consists of marketing and finance, negotiation, and strategy.

The of the program allows students the opportunity to take elective classes. The available classes include topics on international economy, finance, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, and accounting.

2. Bentley University. Anyone who has at least one year of work experience can apply. This program is offered on both a part time and full time basis making it much more accessible to working adults. The program focuses on building a foundation with courses in business processes and IT. The curriculum consists of lectures, meeting with team members and fieldwork.

In the first year students also spend ten days overseas studying the global economy. In the second year the focus will be on management consulting which is supervised by faculty. This gives students a chance to use their newly learned skills in a real world environment.

3. Boston College – Carroll School of Management has a choice of a full time program during the day as well as a part time option that can be completed at night, perfect for the applicant who already has a full time job. Basic curriculum is made up of courses in economics and financial analysis and management practices.

The second year of the program allows students to choose their preferred areas in which to specialize and to choose electives in those areas. Students will also be required to prepare and submit a business plan to faculty, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

This is a list of some of the MBA programs in Boston. Now your job is to figure out which program offers you the best combination of price, convenient location and length of program. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices you will need to apply. Most programs will require some type of referral so you may want to give that some thought as well.

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