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Posted on Dec 27, 2010 in MBA Online Programs

Good news for anyone who would like to get their MBA online, due to the high demand the number of MBA programs is on the increase. Between the availability of the internet and the down turn in the economy, more and more people are returning to school to give them self a ‘leg up’ on the competition. Before you make such a big investment in time and money, make sure you choose wisely.

Here are some of the top online MBA programs for you to consider. Mind you, this is a very short list and there are many more programs that you can look into. It’s a good idea to discuss your options with your spouse as well as your boss. It’s possible that your current employer can help you pay for some or all of your costs associated with getting your MBA.

Many online programs require you to attend at least a few classes on campus, make sure you check that out for the specific program you are considering, or at least factor in the cost of travel and time off work if the program you want is far away.

Sometimes the program will even require you to attend classes in other cities, beyond where the university itself is located.

Here are two top universities that offer online MBA programs:

1. California State University – Monterey Bay
The MBA program is geared just for executives who need to pursue their degree but still keep up with the demands of their position. The program is very flexible and allows students the option of matriculating into the program four times throughout the year.

2. Rochester Institute of Technology
Areas of study include ethics, team building, executive leadership, leadership development, and international finance.

There are so many more for you to consider but the point is to find the program that really fits for you and your goals. Each program has it’s own unique attributes and costs. Consider the length of the program, the cost of the program, the number of students in the program, how much time (if any) you will be required to spend on campus or at other locations around the world.

Another thing you have to think about is the quality of the program itself. It will not do you any good to invest time and money in a MBA program to advance your career if you get it from a non accredited school. You will not only not do much to help your career you will also waste your money and time.

Finding the ability to advance your career, especially in these troubled times, is very important and not a step to be taken lightly. Just finding the best program and considering all the options is very important before you make this decision.

Take a little time and research the large number of
great online executive MBA programs to find the right combination of price, location, length of program, etc. By taking all these factors into account you can not only advance your career you can do it more quickly than you may have thought originally.

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