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Posted on Dec 21, 2010 in Careers, MBA Online Programs

Getting your MBA degree can really rev up your career and lead to a high six figure income. More and more the MBA is the benchmark in many firms around the world. It’s becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. Many people who would like to earn their MBA are already busy with full time careers and family, for those people an online MBA Canada can be the perfect answer.

There are universities all around the world that offer accredited online MBA programs. It’s really just a matter of comparing all the specifics of the various programs to find the right combination of cost, length of program, area of concentration and location for you.

Here are three of the top online programs in Canada. There are many others from which you can choose, but at the minimum, this list will give yo a good place to start.

Athabasea University – St. Albert, Alberta. This accredited Canadian university offers several options, this flexibility makes it much easier for more people to get their MBA. Also offered is an that focuses on finance, marketing, strategy, operations, information technology and analytics and human resources.

This online program allows students from all over to work together and collaborate on many projects via online discussions.

Lansbridge University – New Brunswick, Canada
This online MBA program has an executive option for those who work full time but still want to earn their MBA. To qualify you must have at least one year of relevant work history in business. These courses are 14 weeks long but there is much flexibility during that period.

Classes are exclusively online but there is a strong emphasis on collaboration with other students to complete the assignments.

The curriculum consists of financial and managerial accounting, economics, product development management, international business, e business management, technology and and organizational management, to name just a few.

Management Institute of Canada – Montreal, Quebec
MIC has two options: the traditional and executive MBA programs. The program is 16 months long and has 15 separate course as well as a large research project.

For those who have a more challenging schedule, there is a lot of flexibility with the 16 month time frame. They can schedule classes whenever their time and budget allow, once they have gained admittance to the program.

This is one of the most economical options in North America at only $8,625 U.S. for the program. There are three areas of study: management, marketing, and human resource management.

Advancing your career today, or even getting an entry level job position is becoming increasingly competitive and today an MBA degree is not just the gold standard, it’s becoming the minimum standard. If you are already busy with a full time job and a family, you will find that there is a great deal of flexibility available in online MBA programs.

This list of some of the top online MBA Canada can help you get started on finding the perfect program that will accommodate your career goals while allowing you to still have a life.

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