Distance Learning for MBA – UK Listings

Posted on Dec 15, 2010 in MBA Online Programs

While up until this point, Cambridge University has not offered MBA programs, that still does not mean that there a no options for a . Many universities in the UK offer distance learning programs.

The flexibility to take a class when it suits your schedule is the most obvious reason for the growing popularity in distance learning programs. Geared for people with families or busy professionals, these courses offer a way to advance your career without having to quit your current job.

Being able to go at your own pace is vital for many parents and full time employees, without this option gaining an MBA would simply be out of reach for many people. Having this flexibility has opened up the program and made it accessible for so many more people.

Even though all (or the majority of) these classes are at your own pace and held online, that does not mean that there is no interactivity. You will interact with class mates and professors through online chats and message boards. Most of these are mandatory, but again, you can do it largely on your own schedule.

The UK offers many options for MBA distance learning courses. All the courses have their own unique requirements. Some are completely taught online while others will offer a mixture of online and in person class requirements.

The time frame of the courses will also vary as well as the total amount of tuition. To find the best option for you in regards to price and flexibility of schedule look over the list below and look over the websites (or call the administration office) for each school:

Brunel University
Durham University
Henley Management College
Keele University
Kingston University
Management School
Napier University
Open University
Oxford Brookes University
Paisley University
Reading University
Stirling University
Strathclyde University
Surrey European Management School
Warwick University

As you can see, there is no shortage of options for pursuing your distance learning MBA Uk program. These are just the universities and colleges in the UK, there are many more around the world.

It might take a little time to find the program that offers you just the right combination of affordable tuition, online versus in person class requirements and length of program. But starting with the list above, you should be able to narrow your choices down and find the perfect MBA program for you to pursue your advanced degree.

The current worldwide economic downturn has many people reevaluating their strengths and weaknesses and many people feel that the best way to ensure their long term career success is to pursue an advanced degree. With more and more people going this route, it’s likely just a matter of time before all universities offer some type of distance learning MBA program.

Don’t get left behind in your career, or worse, down sized. Make yourself invaluable to your employer by getting your MBA. If it’s just not feasible to attend classes during the day, look at the list above to find the perfect distance learning MBA UK program for you.

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