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Posted on Dec 17, 2010 in MBA Online Programs

The internet has made it possible for students from all over the world to attend virtually any university or college they desire. While not all universities and colleges offer distance learning programs, many of them do. There are many options for distance . To find the best program for you, it’s important to know what each has to offer.

Of course, all programs are different. There can be great differences in the way the classes are structured. For example, some will require some on campus class time while others will be exclusively online. Some programs are longer than others and some programs will cost significantly more than others.

Europe Explodes With Distance Learning

Most classes will require some type of interaction in the form of chat rooms, message boards or other social media platforms. Even this mandatory class participation is usually pretty flexible so you can fit it into your busy schedule.

Another benefit is that you don’t feel like you are just ‘stuck in front of a computer’ all the time. You still get to work on projects with your classmates.

Many programs will require at least a little on campus time. Some will only require a two week conference while others will require significantly more. Of course, this will need to be factored into your decision, particularly if you attend a college that is far away since you will have to deal with travel expenses and time.

The length of the program will also need to be considered. Many and colleges can offer programs that are between 15 and 36 months long.

Another important thing to consider is cost. MBA distance programs can vary widely in terms of the cost. Some are as ‘inexpensive’ as $31,500 for the entire program while others are over $120,000.

The more well respected the institution from which you receive your degree, the bigger the benefit you will have when it comes time to put that degree to work for you… when you either start looking for a job or when you talk to your boss about a promotion.

Two of the leading distance learning MBA Europe programs are:

1. IE Business School in Madrid Spain offers an internationally top ranked global . IE offers a 15 month for English and Spanish speaking students. The program does require a two week campus conference as part of the curriculum, but the rest of the program is entirely online. The average cost is around $49,000 for the entire program.

2. Manchester Business School in Manchester, United Kingdom incorporates curriculum in finance, marketing, managerial economics, accounting and corporate strategy. There are two options: one is a three year program and the other is a two year accelerated program. Most of the course work is done online but you will need to attend six workshops held in different locations around the world such as Brazil, UK, US, Hong Kong and Jamaica. Tuition will be around $31,500 for the whole program.

There are more distance learning MBA Europe for you to check into if the above options don’t work for you.

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